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Vinyl Wraps at the Sema Show 2019

Posted by Real Sh1ft on

Toyota Tundra Sema Show 2019

Vinyl Wrap Toyota Tundra Sema Show 2019
   Sema Show 2019 was a huge success! There were so many Vinyl Wrapped cars on display for the week in Las Vegas, NV. RealSh1ft was asked by a vendor to assist in a Vinyl Wrap needing attention. 
     The Bedsides of this Toyota Tacoma were Vinyl Wrapped along with the rest of the vehicle. The Inner sections were either overlooked, or thought to not have been noticeable. When the truck was all put back together for the Sema Show, these sections were indeed visible!
     RealSh1ft only played a minor role in the Vinyl Wrap on this Toyota Tundra for the Sema Show 2019. Nevertheless, check out the detailed sections Wrapped with Avery Satin Black Vinyl. 
     Here are a few more noticeable Vinyl Wraps seen at the 2019 Sema Show. Shout outs to all the Vinyl Wrap Installers that had the opportunity to showcase their Wraps this year!
Ford F-150 Avery Vinyl Wrap Sema Show 2019

Nardo Grey Chevy Camaro Vinyl Wrap Sema Show 2019
Vinyl Wrap Car Sema Show 2019