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News — USA Sticker

3M Matte Military Green Motorcycle Wrap

Posted by Real Sh1ft on

     Check out this new Kawasaki Ninja completed with a custom 3m Vinyl Wrap! 3M Matte Military Green with a die-cut Warbird Mouth themed design. Motorcycle wraps are an excellent way to preserve the original fairings while updating the look with either a Custom Vinyl Wrap Color, or a One Off Wrap Design.      First, the Kawasaki Motorcycle was fully wrapped with 3M Vinyl, then the die-cut decals were laid over. This design using "nose art" has become increasingly popular in the wrap industry. The art originated as a Shark Mouth Design in WWII for planes, and it...

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Truck Tailgate USA Flag Decal

Posted by Alex blackburn on

Check out these patriotic Universal Tailgate American Flag Stickers!! Fits your Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, or any other truck with a Tailgate! 66” wide & 23” tall - diecut (only the black section is the decal) Easily trim the edges of the decal upon installation.  Matte Black is the preferred color choice, but many colors are listed to match your pickup!

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