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3M Knife-less Tape install 2019 Jeep Compass

Posted by Real Sh1ft on

     3m Knifeless Tape Vinyl Wrap
     Ever wonder how precise lines are cut from Vinyl Wrap material, without damaging the paint? 3M Knife-less Tape is next generation cool! Just like laying down some sweet pinstripes, 3M Knife-less Tape lays with the same low effort. 
     Have a look at these Vinyl Wrap Graphics made with 3M Knife-less Tape. Here at RealSh1ft, a Las Vegas Wrap Shop, you can see that on this Jeep Compass Limited the body lines were used as a template with the Knife-less tape to draw out the shape in which the Avery Gloss Black Wrap would be cut. 
     Just like that, custom Vinyl Wrap Graphics can be created on the fly. The Vinyl Wrap can be cut to follow vehicle body lines within minutes. This saves much template time to make Custom Wrap Designs. 
     Every Wrap Shop or Certified Wrap Installer knows the value of having 3M Knife-less Tape on hand. It’s a great tool for many Vinyl Wrap applications like Racing Stripes, Livery, Body Lines, Contours, and more. Here at RealSh1ft in Las Vegas NV, it’s definitely a go to tool in our Wrap Shop!
3M Knifeless Tape Wrap install Jeep Compass